V I D E O    L I S T 


Cheyenne and Alex face each other on the mats for the third time!  Cheyenne lost the first 2 matches against Alex.  He is a formidable opponent with great defensive skills.  He doesn’t like losing.  But neither does Cheyenne and she is back and ready for the match.  Alex, 5’4” 163 pounds is feeling confident as he stands next to Cheyenne, 5’5” 138 pounds and looking exceptional in her tiny bikini.  They are ready for a 20 minute competitive match! As they begin, Cheyenne strips off her teeny weeny bikini, throwing it at Alex’s face.  She believes she’ll have a better chance if she distracts him.  They go at it! Well if he is distracted, it’s hard to tell because he seems 100% focused on winning.  Cheyenne starts out strong and is in control at the beginning but soon Alex rolls her and has the top position.  Cheyenne fights hard and eventually escapes Alex’s attempt to submit her.  They are both breathing hard as the sweat begins to glow on their skin.  This match is very technical.  Both opponents are aware that one wrong move could result in a submission.  Alex again gets the upper hand getting behind Cheyenne, working his arms around her neck and struggling hard to get a rear naked choke.  This battle of the sexes is pure excitement as a beautiful nude female battles wildly against a man in gym shorts.  They are equally matched in strength and skill, yet Cheyenne’s naked glowing body gives her a goddess like quality as her muscles pump showing off her beautiful lats and booty.  She struggles hard against her heavier opponent, using all her power to fight him off and take control.  One opponent gains a submission but the war between Alex and Cheyenne continues!  This match is fantastic, getting even more heated after the first submission!  This is great wrestling, both offensively and defensively all the way to the end.  NON STOP ACTION! And a very satisfying ending for all! WOW!

20 Minutes - MP4 - 1920 x 1080 - 875 MB - USD 21.99

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