V I D E O    L I S T 


Eddie Paradise walks in and finds the petite, sexy and incredibly fit wrestler, Lora Cross, stretching! Eddie has heard she is a good wrestler but he knows he is bigger and believes he is stronger, so he thinks she’ll be easy prey! He loves to wrestle and win but he only stands a chance if the match is pins only! Eddie challenges Lora to a Strip Pins Only Wrestling match. Lora accepts the challenge! Eddie and Lora trash talk as they go at it! After a short tussle, Lora gets pinned and she is pissed! Eddie tells her, “You got pinned so you know what you have to do so just do it!” Lora begrudgingly removes off her bikini top. She tells him he is not worthy of seeing her breasts. She is not happy! They go at it again! This is a tough round. It’s a back and forth scuffle with Eddie on top for a while but Lora wiggles her way out from under him and manages to get on top, stretching his legs apart in a painful Grapevine pin! Lora counts out the round! Eddie is pinned! Off come his shorts! More trash talking as they fight on. Eddie is determined to keep his undies on and he manages to get another pin! He Is so proud of winning! He loves pin wrestling because he is bigger and feels that makes him much stronger! Lora, is not happy but complies with the rules of the match, stripping off her bikini bottoms. She is very disappointed with the outcome as she is nude and Eddie is still in his undies! She challenges the big man to a submissions only match! Now Eddie doesn’t stand a chance. The naked beauty is all over him. She uses all kinds of jiujitsu holds and chokes to conquer him! It is time to toy with this boy. She flexes her biceps and shoves her pussy in his face! She rolls him into a front head scissor and enjoys how close his squished face is to her wet pussy. She tells him she is starting to get turned on but she is going to batter his face with her pussy! Eddie is stunned! He is now put in his place under her sexy little ass! Reverse Head Scissors! Reverse Figure Four Head Scissors! Eddie’s head is crushed! She tells him “Tap Bitch!” And he does! Eddie does his best to escape Lora but he can’t! She pulls him into a horrifically painful camel clutch and he screams in pain! Then she dishes out the worst punishment ever! She opens his mouth and pushes her tongue into his! A long French kiss! She tells him she is going to dry hump his dick (he does have his undies on!) She continues her onslaught with her tongue deeply penetrating his mouth. Eddie succumbs to her against his will! He can’t help but kiss back and his cock is rising as she sits on it and grinds all over it! She holds his throat and rides away! She works herself into a frenzy until she explodes wildly! She’s still not done! She asks Eddie, “Who owns you?” Eddie replies, “you do!” She continues to insult him and his dick as she turns around, sitting her pussy on his face and rubs her clit back and forth using Eddie’s face as a vibrator! She makes him lick her pussy and she rubs it all over him until she orgasms again! After this 2nd explosion, she puts him in more extremely painful submission holds! Super tight Scissors! Grapevines! Grapevines! She is relentless in dishing out pain and demanding more orgasms but not allowing poor Eddie to orgasm too! Eddie is in a state of confusion! Aroused! Angry! Unable to fight back! She sits on his face again. Ass Smothering! Shoving his nose deeply into her delicious little ass hole! There is nothing Eddie can do to escape her! He tries to make a getaway but he is too slow and Lora stops him in his tracks! She is insatiable! Finally she decides she wants to see the goods! She pulls Eddie's designer undies off him! She laughs incredulously at whatever he has under his shorts! Eddie has been through the worst humiliation of his life! He should have never picked on a 110 pound nymphomaniac!!! What happens next? Will Eddie need serious therapy after this shocking turn of events, being beaten, dominated and sexually humiliated by a tiny sexy wild feline?!!! Think twice before you take on Lora Cross!!!

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