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Beautiful Wrestlers, Lora Cross 5’2”, 110 pounds and Cheyenne Jewell 5’5”, 135 lbs, dressed in tiny sexy bikinis, face each other in a very exciting match from the beginning to the very end! Their sexy bikini tops come off before the match begins! They mutually decide to leave their sexy bottoms on for a bit, but don’t worry! They do come off eventually! As the match begins, these hot bodied babes struggle for control on the take down. Soon they are down as one opponent has the top position and the other is struggling hard to stop her from securing a submission! Both offense and defense are excellent and the match is intense. There is a lot of heavy breathing as the beautiful wrestlers start to glisten from their sweat! One of the grapplers fights hard to secure a triangle or arm bar but the other eventually escapes after a fierce struggle. As they break, they strip their sexy little bikini bottoms off. They make a little small talk as Lora tells Cheyenne that she seems stronger than the last time they wrestled. Then off they go again, fighting ferociously, each trying their hardest to gain a submission! Once again, one girl gets the top position and the other struggles wildly to escape from under her! Their beautiful naked bodies are pressed hard against each other as the match continues. These girls are tough and they fight rough. The girl on the bottom finally breaks free but is soon caught in a very tight triangle. She is relentless as she wiggles wildly to free herself. She finally breaks free again and pounces, catching her opponent, gripping her neck between her thighs and getting an even more intense triangle. As the triangle tightens the girl who is trapped has no choice but to tap out. The score is now 1-0. They take no time before going at it again! The fighters are now even more aggressive as both really want to win this. These amazing athletes have incredible stamina. One opponent is determined to get an arm bar but the other’s defense is just too good! As she escapes the arm bar, she is caught in a tight rear naked choke hold which is secured tightly and wrapped perfectly around her neck. She fights hard to escape but as she does, the hold gets even tighter, squeezing and crushing her carotid arteries. As her face reddens, she has no choice but to submit. With one minute left, they continue to fight as hard as they can. Final score is 2-0! This is a fantastic match between two incredible and very fit athletes. You won’t want to miss this match between Lora Cross and Cheyenne Jewell. They are two of the very best in the business!

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