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Eliza Eves 5í6Ē 155 lbs vs Madi Meadows 5í8, 120 lbs. This is their first match. Neither has wrestled before! We never know what weíre going to get when two new girls face each other. But what we got was damn good action by two women who are here to face each other and win! Jada Cruz is the referee for the 20 minute competitive match! The loser will be dominated by the winner after the match! As usual, beginners, always giggle because wrestling is not something that women normally do! But Eliza and Madi go hard and soon the giggling subsides! They are really going at it and huffing and puffing, grunting and groaning! Pushing and shoving! Trying their best to take the top position and get a submission! Body Scissors are coming naturally to Madi! Both girls are struggling for control! Their bikinis come off naturally during their struggle! Jada is getting hot as she referees and soon she takes her top off, too! She is really enjoying being the ref but she is also busy coaching Eliza from the sideline. Robin shouts that she thinks the ref is biased but Madi is a good sport about it. This is an exciting and fun match to watch. There is something very sexy when girls with no experience hit the mats and do everything they can to win a match! As the fight progresses, the action becomes more and more intense. Scissors! Grapevines! School Girl Pins! Breast Smothers! Soon the referee is completely nude, too! To say she is really enjoying this is an understatement! One of the wrestlers is gaining more submissions but the fight is wild and both give 100% effort through out! With 4 minutes left, there is a little trash talking. Eliza says thereís 4 minutes left to kick your ass! And she means it! Limbs are flying! The girls are wildly going at each other! The faces of both opponents show their determination! They keep on fighting even after Robin calls TIME! We had to to call time again!!! This is a great match for 2 first timers! Honestly, this is a great match period!!!

The winner takes control giving a very sexy kiss to the loser to try and console her. She has plans for this loser and itís time to put her to work! After all the winner has fought hard and now she wants to be served! She tells her to lick her pussy and the loser dives right in! Things get very sexy and wild with the loser licking away at the winnerís clitoris until she is worked up to the point of ecstasy! The loser licks her opponentís pussy until the winner orgasms wildly! She is insatiable and wants to orgasm again! The winner is getting all of the attention here! She wants to be finger fucked by the loser!!! This is some deep finger fucking, working over the winnerís G spot so itís not long before the winner is worked up into another reverie, going wild as she orgasms!!! She takes no time to recover! Women love multiple orgasms and she is not done with the loser yet!! She wants her tits sucked and the loser is happy to oblige. She is obviously turned on as she continues to make the winner cum over and over and over! But before itís all over, the two start some very sensuous tribbing!! Pussy on pussy, rubbing clits, as the excitement builds between their feminine bodies. Rubbing pussies faster and harder! Moaning with pleasure until they both explode simultaneously into a state of euphoria!!! The referee, Jada, says she is next! She is ready to take them both on and she wants a piece of that pie! Donít you!!!!? 100 percent real and wild! An Absolutely Fabulous Match and After Match!

30 Minutes - MP4 - 1920 x 1080 - 1.2 GB - USD 29.99

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