V I D E O    L I S T 

WE 097

Felicity Feline steps on the mats to face one of the top wrestlers in the world, Bianca Blance.  Felicity had been set to wrestle a different gal but she was a no show so Robin asked Bianca if she would step in.  Bianca was delighted to take on this beauty.  Felicity 5’6 128 pounds has wrestled 5 times in the past for Wrestler Erotica.  She is a Yoga Teacher, extremely flexible and strong and she can withstand a lot of pain, but today she will really learn that you need skill to win in wrestling! Bianca 5’6” 134 pounds has been wrestling 4 years but has wrestled just about everyone and is extremely skilled!  She states that she wants to be #1!  Felicity makes the mistake of trash talking Bianca and saying she has a fake accent!  Bianca states that nothing about her is fake!  She tells Felicity to remove her bikini because she looks like a belly dancer!  They both strip to their birthday suits and the match begins.  Felicity resists the take down for a bit but soon Bianca has the big boobed beauty on her back and has her in a breast smother pin!  She taunts, “How are you down there!?” Felicity, struggling for breath replies “You are good”.  And the fight is on! Felicity is struggling to break out from beneath Bianca but the Gorgeous Athlete plays with her pretty opponent….finally securing a body figure 4 and slowly putting on the pressure until Felicity taps.  Immediately, they go at each other with Bianca pulling the innocent newbie in between her thighs and once again toying with her.  As she begins to build the pressure between her thighs, she says to poor Felicity, “Do you feel my scissor?” And the pressure increases instantly with Felicity saying “Yes!” And then submitting! They go at it again.  Once again, Bianca is controlling as she takes Felicity to the ground.  Felicity is fighting hard!  She is sweating and trying to catch her breath.  Bianca gets her in an upper body figure four and tells her this is a comfortable position as she leans back with her arms behind her head, once again taunting poor Felicity.  But Felicity keeps trying!  As tired as she is, she gets up and goes for Bianca again!  A quick finger lock test of strength and then to the mats these stunning fit bodies go!  Bianca continues to use her strong thighs, squeezing the breath out of Felicity who again is made to tap.  Felicity is annoyed.  She calls Bianca a foreign girl who thinks she’s a badass.  They go again for a finger lock test of strength. Bianca switches to a bear hug and Felicity’s arms are trapped!  The referee yells at Felicity, “Get Your Arms Free!”  Felicity wriggles hard and does her best to escape!  Bianca traps Felicity’s arms behind her and wraps her vicious thighs around Felicity’s waist.  Felicity has only one option! TAP! She is less cocky now but she continues to try!  Bianca tells her “I’m going to exhaust YOU!”  Wow!  Bianca enjoys spreading Felicity’s sexy legs with her own.  Pussies completely exposed! Felicity is doing everything possible to gain control or most of the time, escape from Bianca but Bianca is totally in control! She pulls Felicity’s hair and taunts her some more!  Felicity calls Bianca a Spider, a snake! An Italian Snake!  Before the last fall, Bianca gives Felicity a chance.  She allows Felicity to take control, pinning Bianca on her back!  But Felicity can’t keep control! Bianca is just too incredibly strong!  But Felicity fights to the end, squealing at times in pain and frustration as Bianca, the anaconda, delights in compressing and squeezing her ribs with her powerful legs and pulling her poor disheartened opponent tightly into her sexy formidable grip, wrapping her muscular body all around her diminished prey!  Although a very one sided match, this is one of the sexiest competitive matches you’ll ever see.  Two incredibly luscious sculpted Beauties in the Buff!  With one completely dominating the match while the other fights her hardest throughout! Hot, Sweaty, Wildly Delicious Competitive Nude Wrestling Entertainment!  

Gorgeous Felicity just got her ass handed to her in a competitive wrestling match against Bianca Blance!  Poor Felicity was absolutely trounced and now is being handed over to the tough Stallionesse for a humiliation round! Felicity tries to resist as Bianca tells her “I’m going to make you come so many times!” Felicity is repelled!  Bianca pushes Felicity down on the mats and climbs aboard applying a spread eagle grapevine and savagely grinds the losing opponent, who can’t help but get turned on but she continues to resist, closing her eyes, trying to shut Bianca out.  This wild Italian won’t be shut out!  She whispers into Felicity’s ear, telling her what’s coming next, then playfully bites and licks!  Incredibly hot domination by this chiseled feline!  She enjoys every moment of playing with the defeated woman she has just beaten up minutes earlier! She puts Felicity in inescapable holds, flicking Felicity’s little pearl with her fingers, stopping just before the poor girl orgasms!  The perfect tease and denial! The sadistic winner pulls the dazed and confused little loser into a Boston Crab and works over her clit from this humiliating position! Finally when Felicity is soooooo wet and ready to orgasm, the cruel dominator puts her in another tight grapevine, riding her until they explode together!!!!  Don’t miss this one!!  You’ll want to ride right along with these unbelievably HOT creatures!  Enjoy!!


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