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Sexy Blonde Babe, Kyla Keys is a newcomer to the wrestling world, but she is game to try her first ever match against Busty Bombshell, Goldie who has plenty of experience. The two match up in size. Kyla is slightly shorter and weighs 115. Goldie is 5'3, 120 lbs. They stand side by side ready to go and quickly strip down to their birthday suits! My God, those bodies!! Goldie has one asset that Kyla does not have. Goldie is an F Cup and those babies are weapons of mass destruction that you do not want to get smothered with. Before this match, Kyla had a 10 minute quick tutorial on wrestling holds, by the Producer, Fightbabe Robin. But 10 minutes is not quite enough when you've never wrestled anyone before! Goldie is determined to NOT let a newcomer beat her. It would be completely devastating to her but Kyla, on the other hand, is ready to make a name for herself in the wrestling world so she MUST do her best to win this match! She starts out a little clumsily and giggles a bit at how foreign it is to her but soon her face changes and she starts taking this match seriously. Goldie is cocky as she gains a submission! Kyla doesn't look happy. The sweat starts to drip down their bodies. Goldie uses her mammoth breasts to smother and try to tire Kyla out! One move that Kyla learned quickly is the schoolgirl pin and she comes back to that several times! Body Scissors! Head Scissors! Breast Smothers! Match Box Pins! Full Nelsons! Grapevines! Camel Clutches! Schoolgirl Pins! Ass Smothers! Pussy Smothers! Face Sitting! Goldie blurts out, Are you getting a Work Out today? as she scores another submission. Kyla's determination grows! She fights hard for her first submission! Once gained, the match intensifies!!! Goldie is not happy that a newcomer put a submission from her! The girls fight on!!! Unbelievably Sexy Competitive Sweaty Female vs Female Fighting! There is a clear winner and she places her ass on the loser's face to dominate, to humiliate and to use the loser for her winning pleasure! Damn this is HOT STUFF! If you love Competitive Female vs Female Wrestling, you'll love this!

26 Minutes - MP4 - 1920 x 1080 - 1.2 GB - USD 29.99

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