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Steve is conducting interviews with new girls for face sitting videos. He has interviewed 10 women and he’s ready to call it a day. His assistant Robin tells him there is one woman still waiting. He tells Robin to tell her to come back next time. Robin says insists that Steve interview the stunning woman, Kyla Keys, as she drove all the way from Vegas and has been patiently waiting all day. Steve says no! Robin lets London in. Snob Steve looks at her and says, ok, fine, I'll call you! Kyla doesn't like his attitude and decides to put him in his place and show off her ASSetts immediately. Kyla pushes Steve to the ground and inserts her muff in his face then wraps her long legs around his neck and begins to squeeze. She shows off her scissors, crushing Steve's neck and head always shoving her sexy pussy into his face! She smothers him with her beautiful tits! She wants to show him how nice they are since he was planning on turning her away! Head Scissors! Sexy Grapevine Pins!!! Body Scissors! Front Head Scissors! Kyla's pussy always grinding against Steve's face! Arm bars! She is having fun with this cocky producer!! She sits back on his face and shoves his nose into her ass and pussy! Steve can't speak! He tries to apologize but Kyla is not done rubbing her sweaty pussy and ass crack! Steve can't breathe! Wobble Wobble Wobble her ass shakes across Steve's face! Kyla starts to use Steve as her sex toy! She rubs her clit across his nose! The she places her pussy right now his lips, allowing him to breath. The two women decide to take over the company and make it all about Women's Empowerment! Steve should be grateful to be where he is! Beneath Kyla's ass and sexy pussy! Steve is an ingrate! Kyla is having a good time. She's turned on and she is not going stop humiliating Steve until she has the hottest orgasm of her life! She smothers! She grinds! She moans! She inserts his nose deep into her sweaty pussy and suffocates him! Then she rides!!! And rides!!!! And rides!!! She spreads her legs wide showing off everything her pussy has to offer! She is the boss! She wants to be ASSessed and get the job ... and she'll get it !!

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