V I D E O    L I S T 


The Little Judoka, Robin is out for revenge! Recently Shelly the Burbank Bomber and her new cohort, Debbie, beat up Christine Dupree and left her in a heap of bruises and abrasions that was uncalled for.  It was a 2 on 1 assault on Christine and now the Little Judoka is set to get even with the ring leader, Shelly!  Shelly thinks Debbie will meet with her at Robin’s house and they will do the same to Robin BUT Debbie is a no show and Shelly is terrified to fight Robin alone.  Shelly doesn’t have the skills of the infamous Little Judoka.  She’s just a bully who doesn’t know how to fight so as soon as Shelly realizes Debbie isn’t coming to help her out, she is frantic.  She runs for the door but it’s locked!  The Little Judoka then unleashes some serious assault tactics on Shelly!  She uses her fists to slam Shelly’s big knockers and gut, finally knocking Shelly flat on her back. Robin takes her time to put on her boxing gloves and slowly yet savagely begins to pummel Shelly’s face!  Shelly is screaming and begging for mercy but Robin has no mercy!  She decides to add some humiliation to her assault on Shelly.  She pulls Shelly’s oversized tits out of her top and ravages them with her fingernails, twisting and pulling Shelly’s overgrown nipples causing intense pain.  Shelly cries out for Robin to stop but the little Judoka has only just begun!  She slams her fists into Shelly’s tits!  She puts a rope around Shelly’s neck and drags her around the mat!  Shelly is out of her mind in pain and embarrassment. Robin thrusts Shelly back to the mat and sits on her with her legs in a lotus hold/neck choke  around Shelly’s giant tetons and throat! The Little Judoka has a zen moment before she continues her onslaught!  Now it’s time to make Shelly proactive!  Shelly has  to kiss Robin’s little round ass as she sits on Shelly’s face, grinding in enjoyment! Then the little judoka decides to take a big dildo and titty fucks Shelly’s enormous jugs!  She makes Shelly lick the head of the dildo while she is fucked!  Finally Robin impales Shelly’s throat with the dildo!  Shelly sucks and sucks, deep throating the long thick cock!  Shelly gurgles and chokes taking in as much of the cock as possible! When Robin is satiated after a long horny ride on Shelly’s bongos, she moves up and sits on her face giving lots of victory poses!  She puts a hood over Shelly’s head and sends her out to face the neighbors, topless, helpless and humiliated!!! An easy and satisfying victory for the Little Judoka.  Perhaps a lesson learned by Shelly….but don’t hold your breath on that one!

35 Minutes   1980 x 1080 - 1.2 GB - USD 24.99

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