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Alex shows up at the dojo for his jujitsu practice and Sensei Robin tells him she can't workout today because she has a doctor's appointment. She tells him she has another advanced student for him to train with during her absence. Alex asks if he can train with Steve. Robin informs him that Steve is unavailable. Alex is not happy. He doesn'tt want to train with a female student even if she is more advanced than he is. As he is bitching about it, in walks Kara. She has overheard him and she is not happy. She is polite until Sensei Robin leaves and then all hell breaks loose! Kara confronts him immediately, throws him to the ground and starts to apply painful submission holds!!! She tells him that by the time she is done with him, he will be screaming that women are superior to men!!! She crushes him in head scissors and bends him forward and backward, intentionally dishing out intense pain, making him tap furiously over and over!!! Alex groans in pain and Kara takes the opportunity to strip off her judo gi, down to her incredibly sexy lingerie! She sits her ample ass directly onto Alex's face giving him a taste of what is to come! She demands he removes his judo gi! Stupidly Alex tries to resist! Once again he is forced to comply! Kara proceeds to dominate him in his shorts with Face Sitting, Smothers, Breast Smothers, Hand Over Mouth Smothers and extreme Pussy Smothers. She strips off her bra and continues the onslaught!!! Kara beats her fist into Alex guts guy and crushes his balls in her hand! She tells him she will make him her little bitch! Alex is terrified!!! He struggles but there is nothing he can do to stop her from what she wants to do! Kara is turned on by her own dominance! She strips her sexy panties and plops her pussy into Alex 's face! Her nude head scissors and crippling! She sings Alex lullabies as he drifts to lala land but she immediately lets up and he is fully conscious as to what is about to sit upon him! Kara's Big Beautiful Ass and her Hot Steamy Pussy!!! Now it is playtime! Alex is about to experience a truly Big Beautiful Powerful Naked Woman rip him apart and then use his face as her human vibrator! She rides him wildly and she orgasms rapidly and with enormous intensity!!!! She exudes pure sexual dominance when she finishes with him! Alex is rendered to nothing but Kara's little broken bitch!!

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