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WE 025 - BAD STRIP !

Beautiful, Athletic, Muscular, Vivacious, Busty Nikki Jackson has driven all the way from Las Vegas in terrible traffic for a dance audition. She arrives 10 minutes late and Steve, who is auditioning women, tells her she is too late. She explains the circumstances and he tells her to go change into something sexy and audition. She does and after he gets off on her dance, he tells her to go...the audition has been cast before she arrived...Nikki is LIVID!!! She flips out and beats Steve to the floor! Steve is in for a serious Beat Down! Nikki is powerful and she uses her power to teach Steve a lesson. She is tired of men using woman and now she is going to use this man! She strips nude and uses her body as a serious weapon! Severe Belly Punching, Kicking, Powerful Head Scissors and Body Scissors and Crushing sleeper holds are used to Beat Steve Down! He continues to say the wrong thing offering her a few bucks for gas. Nikki decides the Beat Down isn't humiliating enough and strips Steve completely Naked! Now she mocks him and squeezes his balls forcing him to yelp in pain! The Beating is Rough and after more Brutal Head and Body Scissors and rncs, he is pleading with this dominant nude woman to stop!!! But will she??? Nikki has enormous amounts of energy and there is no stopping her in the non stop action all nude video!!

30 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 600 MB - USD 24.99

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