V I D E O    L I S T 


Liz was just about to take a shower when she found a hidden video camera in her bathroom! She is furious and she is sure it is her room mate, Steve, who planted the hidden camera! She confronts him and he nervously tells her that yes, he put it there because he was sure there might be rats and he wanted to catch them in the act! Well Steve is the one caught in the act and now he's going to pay!!! Liz, dressed in only a towel, flips Steve to the floor! She pounces and her towel goes flying!!! Now Liz is naked....just what Steve wanted to see but now she is naked up close and personal and she is going to dish out a whole lot of pain and enjoy humiliated this french sneak! Liz uses extremely tight sleeper holds, head scissors, figure four head locks, grapevines and HOM smothers to bring Steve close to a K.O....over and over! She enjoys sitting on his face and sticking her pussy on his face....that's what he wanted to see after all, wasn't it? But now he begs and tells her to Stop it! But Liz is crazed with anger and loves hurting Steve! And she does it so well! To add to the humiliation, she uses her feet in his face....smothering him hard with them and flipping herself into a back bend position! Liz is so hot! So naked! And so sexy to watch as she beats on her room mate and finally Knocks him out!! But what Steve doesn't know is that Liz phoned Robin before she confronted Steve and Robin has recorded this NAKED BEAT DOWN to add to Steve's humiliation and for your viewing pleasure!!!

31 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 590 MB - USD 31.99

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