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WE 015 -

"DO YOU MISS MY NAKED BODY?", asks the gorgeous, athletic Cheyenne Jewell as she beats Steve senseless!!! How does a beautiful fit girl end up beating out her boyfriend while she is buck naked? Cheyenne was heading out the door in her gym clothes. She's been training in jujitsu and grappling at the gym with a bunch of guys!!!! She is sooo into her training that it is all she cares about these days, which has left her boyfriend, Steve, very irritable! He's not getting any!!! Any of anything....! No time at all with this sexy babe for Steve so he has decided to put an end to her training!!!! Once and for all!!!!! Steve starts an argument with Cheyenne as she is heading out the door! He confronts her about her wrestling training and tells her that he knows she is training with guys and they are groping her....that it's all sexual! She denies it and tells him he's crazy!! The argument escalates! Steve tells Cheyenne that girls CAN'T WRESTLE and that she is wasting her time and his money on the lessons!!! Cheyenne tells him he's absolutely MAD! She turns for the door and Steve physically stops her!!! Now he's in for the beating of his life! Cheyenne is furious and starts to use her arsenal of wrestling and jujitsu moves on Steve! She puts him in excruciating holds  submission after submission!!! As she has him helpless, she peels her sweats off, showing her gorgeous athletic naked body! Steve is shocked! "What are you doing?", he screams? As she puts more pressure to a sleeper hold that is about to break his neck , she says, "DO YOU MISS MY NAKED BODY?" Steve doesn't know how to respond! He's in deep water now!!! There is no way out of this punishment!!! The naked gorgeous Cheyenne continues beating Steve to a pulp! She face sits him relentlessly, using her ass and pussy as a weapon!!! She brutalizes Steve with arm bars, shoulder locks, leg locks, wrist locks, figure fours, crushing head and body scissors!!! She slams her naked ass and pussy and clit full of hardware into his face and jaw in brutal reverse head scissors! Steve tries to apologize and get her to leave but there is no turning back!!! Cheyenne is out to destroy this jealous jerk!!! She is going to show him every part of her gorgeous naked body that he has been missing but break as many bones in his body as possible in the process! And then she's going to leave him!!! KO'd and broken!!! And then perhaps he'll wonder..."Do I miss your naked body?" Will Steve survive this sexy brutal onslaught?

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