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WE 014 -

Nicole has been going out, frequently, with her friends. She has been spending less time with her boyfriend, Steve, who is getting tired of being ignored! Nicole is leaving the house to go horse back riding again and Steve tries to put a stop to it! He yells at Nicole as she announces that she is off to the ranch! He demands the horses names and why she needs to spend so much time with them? Obviously Steve doesn't believe that Nicole is going to see the ponies!!! Nicole is angered by this and the argument escalates!!! Nicole is no one to argue with! She has a furious temper and now Steve is going to pay!!! She throws Steve to the ground and immediately takes her place sitting upon his face in her tight sexy bluejeans!!! She strips off her top and begins to smother him with her breasts as well, quickly taking off her bra and her panties! Steve is in shock! He doesn't want to play like this! Steve likes to be in control but Nicole turns the tables on him! Nicole decides to do some pony play! She strips Steve to his skivvies and sits naked upon his back, after putting the bit and reins in his mouth in order to control him easier! She beats him with a riding crop, leather straps, her hands across his ass, his back and his chest! Steve is covered in red whip and hand marks! Someone should have warned him about Nicole's wild Asian temper, but alas, Steve his left whimpering and begging for forgiveness! Nicole doesn't forgive and continues the punishment with some brutal ball squeezing....Will Steve survive this brutal punishment? Will he become Mistress Nicole's slave boyfriend? Nicole is a power to be reckoned with! This is a very sexy and dominant video! Nicole is gorgeous when angered, but you may no want to be on the receiving end once you see what Steve has to endure!

35 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 545 MB - USD 29.99

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