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Bianca is relaxing in her soft white robe with a cup of tea, after her competitive match earlier with Alex. It was a brutal match and she had no mercy on Alex. Steve arrives with the black board on which they had marked the score. Bianca 13- Alex 0! The guys are pissed and Alex is licking his wounds back in the car, too fearful to join Steve's confrontation at Bianca's apartment. Steve has decided to take revenge and kick Bianca's pretty little ass! Girls do NOT beat boys in wrestling! Not in his macho world! Bianca is not pleased to see him! He demands to know what this score on the black board is! Why did she write l0ser around the score of 0 under Alex's name??? He calls her a STRONZO, a derogatory name in Italian and Bianca scoffs at him! Steve is ridiculous! She laughs in his face as she removes her robe as Steve calls her out to fight him! He is stunned as she stands before him, completely naked, in all her feminine glory! Her body is like an Italian sculpture, perfectly chiseled, every muscle is exquisitely toned with no ounce of excess anywhere! She is an Italian Goddess! BUT Steve will not let that stop him! They go at it but Steve doesn't stand a chance! She overwhelms him with a perfect Head Lock, pinning her tit to his face! She taunts him as she uses Head Scissors and Schoolboy Pins, gluing him tight to her pussy! She is proud to be a woman and uses that very HOT PUSSY to pin his face under as she rides it. Her Body Scissors, Arm Bars and Split Straddles are all excellently performed! Steve squirms and begs but doesn't stand a chance. Bianca takes the belt from her robe and ties Steve's hands! She will humiliate him further as she ties his hands behind his back rendering him even more helpless! What was he thinking coming to take revenge his friend, Alex? Steve is the STRONZO! If he could escape her, he'd head for the hills faster than his feet could carry him! But there is no escape! This statuesque nude female pillar of strength makes it clear to Steve that PUSSY POWER will always dominate! She reigns supreme as she shoves his nose into her perfectly formed asshole! He cannot breathe. He struggles. He begs. Will he survive this embarrassing act of female domination? You'll have to see this to believe it! Bianca is absolutely outstanding!

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