V I D E O    L I S T 


A love dispute between curvy french Canadian Savanna and her Boyfriend. She lures him on the mats, pretenting a sensual and playful wrestling game but knocks him out without warning after a few minutes. When the unfortunate boyfriends wakes up, his hands are tied up in his back and they start arguing about a Birthday card he wrote to her . The discussion spirals down and short fused Savanna goes where it hurts : the balls !! .She squeezes then mercilessly while shouting at him . The gorgeous doll starts pinning him below her, her pussy covering his face !! This is just the beginning, She smothers him with her ass and pussy from the front and back. His face totally disappears in her crotch as if it has been sucked into her beautiful snatch. She squeezes his head in various head scissors , sits on his throat . She orders him to lick her butt hole and pussy .She is strong like a horse and can have her way at any time with Steve and she does!!! And she does it her way, Completely NAKED!!! Steve is helpless ... yet he continues to say the wrong things which hurt Savanna's feelings and make her angry! She'll take revenge with more orgasms as she sucks his face into her curvy round butt and ginger colored hairy pussy! She continues to trounce on Steve ... her curvaceous nude body is gorgeous as she woman handles him! WOW!!!! She eventually tie his ankles together then passes another rope behind his neck and put her totally wet pussy on his face, covering his mouth and nose, pulling on the ropes to engulf him more. Once again she uses his face as a vibrator bringing her to a violent orgasm !! TOUGH LOVE !

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