V I D E O    L I S T 


Steve and Dragon Lily have agreed to a Mixed Wrestling Strip match. Both wear 2 articles of clothing: Dragon Lily shows off a sexy bikini and Steve wears underwear under shorts. The rules are simple! Each time a wrestler submits, he or she has to take off one article of clothing! The match starts off with an intensity as Steve is adamant that he will not show his male anatomy! Super confident Dragon Lily falls into a trap and is submitted fairly soon! She is forced to remove her top! She is angry and ready for revenge. Soon after, Steve is forced to submit and remove his shorts. The two face off, both ready to win and humiliate the loser! The fight is fierce and back and forth with Dragon Lily looking like the stronger wrestler but she is caught off guard, once again, and must strip down to her birthday suit! Steve is beaming, holding the bottom trophy to the camera, bragging that he is going to frame it !! This is too much for Dragon Lily ! She sneaks behind him and puts him in a rear naked sleeper hold, holding it tight until Steve lays motionless on the mats ... Dragon Lily is a sore looser and it's time for payback ! When Steve wakes up he is tied up !! He protests and complains that she is a very, very bad loser but there is nothing he can do to prevent the pain and humiliation coming ... This completely naked babe is ruthless! She takes advantage of Steve's wrists being bound! He is at a definite disadvantage! She uses Front Head Scissors, Reverse Head Scissors, sleeper holds to hurt and humiliate Steve! She loves shoving her naked ass and pussy in his face or smother him between her boobs ! She remembers that Steve put her in a vicious sleeper hold to get his victory, so she uses them intensively !!! Watch out  who you play with !!

31 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 1 GB - USD 31.99

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