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Goldie walks slowly into the room where Steve is waiting for her.Steve sees Goldie, stops his stretching and stands proudly facing Goldie arms crossed. Steve worships Goldie's hot body and slowly undresses her black robe and continue to worship her large breasts by caressing them. Steve also slowly untie Goldie's thong and worship her thighs by massaging them and kissing them.Goldie slides her hands into Steve's briefs and is delighted to feel his strong manhood, after which she removes his briefs.Once both fighters are naked, the fight commences.Steve takes Goldie down onto the mat and puts her in a grapevine, telling her that is how she suffocates her opponents using her breasts while her opponent is trapped in the grapevine. He then moves Goldie into a body scissors and attempts to clamp her into two pieces.Steve slowly pulls Goldie's head further up and up into a head scissors. Steve's manhood is now wriggling on her face and Goldie is humiliated while Steve taunts her.Steve proceed to change into a school girl pin but Goldie manages to push Steve off and put him into a reverse headscissor. Steve struggles, but in unfazed and taunts Goldie her arousal smells good.She is infuriated and punches Steve's manhood while squeezing harder in the reverse headscissor.She then sits on his face and taunts him to smell her arousal all he wants,until he breaks free and grabs her in a sleeper hold and after some struggle Goldie falls motionless on the mats. Steve kneels on the mat and flexes his arms for the camera and caress Goldie's thighs,thinking she is gone for good but Goldie suddenly clamps her thighs tightly around Steve's body, suffocating him.She force kiss him to suck all the remaining air out of him until his body goes limp.Goldie stands over him, teases him with a lap dance, grinding her pussy and breasts over a weakened Steve.She rubs her middle finger on her pussy while inviting Steve to lick it. Steve, losing control, tries to taste the finger but once he struggles to sit up Goldie puts him in a standing headscissors Goldie pleasures herself and rocks herself to an orgasm with Steve's head still trapped between her thighs. After Goldie had enough fun, her thighs release her grip and Steve collapse onto the mats. Goldie, sensing Steve might still be alive, sensually demonstrate to the camera how she will finish him in a rnc and lotus hold. Goldie changes the rnc into a lotus hold, and with Steve's face between Goldie's feet, she executes him with her feet by twisting his face with them.Goldie gets up, plants a kiss on Steve's forehead and makes a phone call to inform her mission completed and to dispose the body !!

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