V I D E O    L I S T 


Steve and Angella have been fighting for a while! Steve has taken 2 viagra and has a raging hard on! He has pleaded with Angella to have sex with her but she just laughs, telling him when she is ready, she'll do it her way! She mocks his rock hard cock and the two fight in a heated battle with Steve trying to force Angella to fuck him! He tells her he wants to fuck her with his big french dick!! Angella laughs but fights him off! Steve attacks ferociously as he wants his way with his still raging hard on! Angella and Steve fight rough! This time Angella is very focused and will not let Steve get away! She binds his wrists again! She smothers with her naked breasts, her ass, her feet! She loves using her feet on her opponents and forcing them to suck her toes! She tells Steve, I want you to suck my feet, the way you want me to blow you!Steve is upset but is forced to lick lick lick! Angella is one hot sexy lady and who knows what she wants and how she wants it! She always gets her way!! Steve is finally KO'd but the show's not over!!! Angella is ready for more when he comes to! Angella is only turned on when she is on top! She is a highly sexually dominant woman! She will not submit to any guy! Now that Steve is in a weakened state she is ready for him! She is completely turned on and the fun begins! She strips and now her fun begins! She puts Steve in some compromising positions as she sits her round ass on his face and forces him to lick her pussy! Lick lick lick, Steve's tongues obeys Angella's orders! She pulls Steve's cock from his shorts and plays with it! She continues dominating with Scissors, Smothers and ball biting!!! Angella leaves nothing to the imagination!!! She is raw, hot and horny and she is going to use Steve as her sex toy and grinds slowly upon his face, turning herself on! Her excitement builds until she rides his face into one huge long orgasm, rocketing herself to ecstacy!!! Poor Steve...viagra worn off and left with no satisfaction!!!

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