V I D E O    L I S T 


Liz has just found that her boyfriend has posted some topless photos of her on facebook that he took of her last summer in Florida . She is determined to get even!!! She sets up her wrestling mats with a hidden camera which will capture her humiliating him!! She waits for him, dressed in a sexy short robe with nothing under but her HOT NUDE BODY!!! Steve is flattered when he comes back home and finds his girfriend in a mood for a sexy wrestling match ... but the dream turns into a nightmare when he sees the camera in a corner of the room !! I's too late!! Liz flips Steve on the floor and her robe goes flying! Steve faces her in all her glory, NUDE, HOT, GORGEOUS and ANGRY!!! She is determined to have the retaliation "on camera "! Liz uses extremely TIGHT SLEEPER HOLDS, HEAD SCISSORS, FIGURE FOUR HEAD LOCKS, GRAPEVINES and HOM SMOTHERS to bring Steve close to a K.O....over and over! She enjoys SITTING HER BEAUTIFUL BARE ASS AND PUSSY on his face!! But she is not satisfied yet as she wants to totally dominate and humiliate him!!! She KOs him and ties his hand behind his back ! Now that he is bound with rope, she has total control over him! To add to the humiliation, she shoves her feet in his face... she wants the most humiliating retaliation and she is not shy to show her shaved pussy on her hidden camera! She shoves him into indecent positions and she enjoys every minute of this!!! As long as Steve is humiliated, Liz is happy!!! Liz is Stunning as she shows off her muscular, gorgeous, naked body!!! And watching her spread her beautiful legs over Steve's face is epic!! Liz keeps the best for the end!!! Her indiscrete boyfriend is lifted up against the wall, by Liz's feet!!! These feet are shoved in the most sensitive place on a man's body!!! She forces him into the air as she crams her feet into Steve's balls and dick!!! To add some icing on the cake, she grabs the camera and shoots him groaning, screaming, apologizing and begging to be pardoned!!! I don't think Liz will be granting pardon anytime soon! She's having too much fun!!!

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