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Francesca is a happily married woman but like most married couples, her husband barely looks at her anymore! (SHOCKING, BUT TRUE)! She has tried to spark his interest again by taking Lap Dancing lessons, Strip tease lessons and Oriental Dance classes but nothing seems to work out ... She heard that Steve is offering a new method for bored couples in need of some stimulation, and his technique is based on Mixed Wrestling! He claims that a regular nude mixed wrestling session will arouse any "blasť;" bored couple!! ... and for $ 500 an hour he offers to train the ladies! Francesca is sceptical but gives it a shot and books her first session with the therapist, Steve! The session very well for a while. Steve directs Francesca, who is pretty skilled and does a great job at following his directions! Steve keeps saying that is method is 100 % guaranteed to work so as the lesson continues, Francesca slips her hand into Steve's underwear to "check" if this 100 % guaranteed method is really working! The therapist stops her ruthlessly, shocked by Francesca taking this initiative. Steve is ready to cancel the therapy session. Francesca apologizes. Steve decides to give the hot Latin bombshell a 2nd chance. Sexy Francesca is not so naive...she wants to be sure the method works since she's paid $500. She needs a verification and she is going to get it one way or another. She uses a sleeper hold to knock him out then ties his hands up and strips him naked ... Things start to go wild !! Steve is now totally at Francesca's hot tempered mercy !! Francesca strips off her little bikini and starts to "work" on the helpless therapist !! Breast-smother , indecent "pussy" smother, hot reverse headscissors!! She tries everything she has learned to test the therapist and his famous " turn on wrestling method" using her feet and hands to sexually arouse this naked man! He is totally at the mercy of the super hot babe and starts to get excited despite the handcuffs that restrain his hands, forcing him to lay down in an uncomfortable and humiliating position! Francesca is determined to go to work him to the end, although he tries his best to not succumb to her. She uses her voluptuous breasts to tease him , rubbing her pussy on his face , working on his genitals using feet and hands ...and she finally will get what she wanted with the last FORCED HANDJOB , forcing the recalcitrant therapist TO CUM between her hands and as he ejaculates ,she is grinning from ear to ear !! She got what she wanted !! Don't miss this original video starring FRANCESCA LE hotter than ever, FORCING a helpless guy to cum !!!

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