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WE 034 - BORN TO BE WILD # 1

Francesca has just bought new sexy lingerie to try to attract some attention from her man, Steve. But he tells her that he finds her lingerie dull and a waste of money! Francesca has had it with constantly trying to get Steve to pay attention to her. He just is bored by everything, including the gorgeous, sexy Francesca Le!!!! Steve has had his last chance! Francesca was born to be wild and Steve is as dull as cat pee! So Francesca's wild streak, comes flying out when her temper is provoked!!! Francesca has done everything to turn Steve on and nothing works! He doesn't find her sexy anymore, so Francesca's Wild Temper flares and she decides to take Steve's matters into her own hands!!!! She throws Steve down on the love chair and begins to bust his balls!!!! Since he wasn't interested in her lingerie, she takes it all off!!!! Her naked body is undeniably beautiful!!! She's got the perfect ass! Absolutely bootyful!!! And she uses her ass to sit upon Steve's face and smother his! She uses her amazing toned thighs to scissor his bored head!!!! And she practically rips his nuts off as she twists and pulls and ties them up with the lingerie that he despised! Steve moans and groans and cries out for mercy....But it looks like Francesca's Wild Temper is excellerating! Finally after smothering and cock busting Steve, she KOs him.....but Francesca is Born to be Wild and has more in mind for Steve!!!

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