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The video begins with Nikki in her sexy bikini entering the mats.  She finds an exhausted Eddie lying on the mats with his hands bound tightly behind his back.  Nikki immediately goes to him. “Eddie, are you OK?  What happened here?” she asks him.  She sits Eddie up. He sighs and says “Kristiana and I just finished with a session.” Nikki is curious – “You look exhausted.  What did she do to you?” Eddie says “Kristiana said I needed to be ‘educated.’  She tied me up.  She crushed me.  Smothered me.  Pinned me down in what she said was a 'schoolgirl'.  Made me kiss her muscles.  Made  me to worship her bare feet.  I think she was trying to annihilate me!”  Nikki smiles at the thought. Eddie asks to be untied, but Nikki has more questions.  Nikki asks, “You said she crushed you?”  Eddie says, “Yeah, Kristiana wrapped her legs around my chest, and I thought she was gonna break my ribs.  I couldn’t breathe!  And she scissored my head in what she said was a 'reverse' scissors and nearly took my head off!”  "She made me suck her toes, lick her soles, and kiss her feet and stuff.  I know that she really liked that.  But I hated it."He’s beginning to wonder why she hasn’t untied him.  Nikki asks, “How did Kristiana smother you?” “She smothered me with the soles of her bare feet.  She pinned me down and smothered me with her breasts.  And she sat on my face.  She was grinding on me - I couldn’t breathe!  She choked me too.  I could tell that she really liked all of it.  But it was horrible!  Please untie me.” But Nikki instead giggles and gets uncomfortably close to Eddie.  “Eddie baby, you know why I came by today?  I haven’t wrestled in a long time and I really need to wrestle!  Kristiana said that I should use you as my practice dummy.  But I didn’t think about tying you up, too - Mmmm.  I can scissor you.  I can choke you.  And of course, I can smother you in my favorite face sitting holds!  I love sitting on faces…And you WILL worship MY feet too – oh, that sounds wonderful!” Now Eddie realizes why Nikki didn’t untie him.  He’s in serious trouble!  He struggles to untie his wrists, but the knots are so tight...The sexy redhead spins around in front of Eddie to show off her hot body and tiny bikini.  Eddie likes what he sees, but tries to move away but that gets him knocked to the floor and into one of Nikki’s patented pins.  And she presents a pedicured foot next to Eddie's face – he can’t help but stare at it. Nikki says, “This going to be so much fun!  I’m going to love tormenting you!  Start licking...”  How will Eddie survive this back-to-back trashing? Holds include ton of foot worship, smothers, facesitting, pin, Rnc hold, body scissor, front and reverse head scissor, head figure 4, hom, boob smother, choke holds !! Psycho Nikki Fierce makes another victim !!

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