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The video begins with Steve standing on the mats as the tan, sexy Stacy ties the last knots on his hands, bound tightly behind his back. Stacy is dressed in a sexy two-piece bikini and of course, Steve is impressed with her hard body and happy eyes. The redhead giggles as she ties him - this is going to be fun! Steve is not afraid of Stacy – after all, she’s small compared to a lot of the wrestlers he’s seen. Even with his hands tied, what can she really do to him? Stacy takes Steve’s face in her hands and looks him in the eyes. “Goldie said you have the perfect face – EXCELLENT for sitting on.” she purrs. “Steve, you’re going to make me happy today,” Stacy tells him. “I’m going to scissor you hard. You like my boobs? You’re going to see them up close as I smother you with them! You’re going to kiss my feet. Why? Because I get off on it! All of it! But what I really want to do is…sit all over your face. Mmmmm…I’m going to get off again and again! So much fun for me! And poor Steve is going to get teased and squeezed and smothered. You may not have any fun at all. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” Steve laughs! There’s no way little Stacy can do anything to hurt him. But he tests the ropes binding his hands – they are snug and secure. Hmmm. Stacy giggles and says, “Yes, Steve, I’m a fetish model! I do know how to tie!” He lets her maneuver him to the mats and on his back, and slowly she teases him as she rocks her hips over his face. She sits her perfect bubble butt and crotch over his face. Mmmm, that feels good…Steve, after a time, finds that he can’t breathe! He struggles and tries to arch out but Stacy is a facesitting and smothering expert, and knows just how to balance and put her full weight on a face. “I hope you can hold your breath, because you’re going to be down there a long time,” she tells him. Steve tries desperately to escape, but with his hands tied expertly, he can do nothing. Stacy loves his struggles – “Ride ‘em cowboy!” she smiles as Steve desperately bucks for air. Soon she begins grinding his face with her crotch. Stacy’s fun begins! Can Steve survive this smothering and crushing torture? Holds include : front and reverse head scissor, boob smother, foot smother, forced foot licking, front and back face sitting and more.

30 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 965 MB - USD 24.99

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