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Forget everything you've seen until now about wrestling bondage. THIS IS the video and it's called Extreme Wrestling Bondage !! A new custom video in which unbeatable Veve Lane demonstrates her wrestling and bondage skills !! The video is divided in 3 Rounds : Round 1 is just pure competitive match . A tough and sweaty encounter in which Veve demonstrates her wrestling skills and some unbelievable submissions ( 10 minutes ). Round II : Defeated and badly humiliated Steve threatens Veve " I'm gonna to tie you up, knock you out and sit on your face " he says !! Time for some rope action : After a fierce fight Steve finds himself caught in one of veve's specialty , her infamous Chicken Wings bondage . Bicep is tightly tied up with the forearm, no way to escape, no way to use your arms and after a few minutes Steve's arms just turn eggplant color , the ropes are so tight that even his nails are turning blue ! He is obviously in intense pain but she does not care, mocking, humiliating and tormenting him various squeezes and smothers ! It does not take long before his face matches the color of his hands !! Soaking in his own sweat and in intense pain , Steve will beg for mercy and release after 15 minutes ! Round 3 ... Ouch ! Will Steve survive this one ? Things are going for the worst, throughout the next 20 minutes Steve is captured again and Veve starts a methodical and vicious bondage never seen before. One arm, two arms , one leg, two legs, Steve is already totally helpless but she sadistically continues to ad more ropes, more knots, more pain ... obviously she loves that and she is good at it. Steve just CAN'T move and he is stuck on his back on the most and painful position imaginable , he sweats and groans, his limbs are all shade of purple ... he can still talk but not for long as she pulls a gag ball from her bag en forcibly engulf it in his mouth ... we can read " Panic " in Steve's eyes until she sits on his face making him totally annihilated !! Probably our best video in our wrestling bondage series . Remember that nothing is staged in these releases, the goal is to show that a woman ( Veve is 5'4 and 120 lbs ) can REALLY beat a bigger guy and force him into submission against his will !! Veve has these incredible skills to be VERY good wrestler but also very good at Bondage, which is not obvious especially against a bigger opponent fighting back !! Thanks Veve !!

47 Minutes - MP4 - 1280 x 720 - 890 MB - USD 34.99

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